Tour Our Shop

We have converted 2 car garage in our residence into our workshop and created the simplest workflow in our space. Our customers are welcome to visit us in our shop, but required to set up an appointment as our shop is not zoned for excess parking.

Welcome to our shop…


Overview of our shop:

Our garage shop is set up to do both woodworking and metalworking.

Second Chance Pallet Shop

We store all of our small tools and accessories in our large cabinets, each area is labeled for quick finds. We have placed a large assembly/work table in the center of the shop, then we placed our larger tool and workstations around the table.


Yes, our washer and dryer are in our garage, Chris usually does laundry while working in our shop, super efficient right? We love storage under our table, it is completely out of the way, avoid slipping in the workshop.

Overview of our metalworking station:


One end of the wall is Chris’s welding booth, we added welding curtain to protect our eyes and avoid splatter. Next to the welding booth is metal cut off saw and grinder, then followed by tool box, drill press, and sander.

Here is a close up look of Chris’s welding booth. We only keep the essentials out. Everything else is stored in the cabinet.



Here isĀ  our sandblasting cabinet. Chris use this for every metal working project


Here is our cutting area, our most used tool in our shop: Table saw and chop saw


We keep our shop vac close for quick clean up after cutting


We store our paints, cleaner, glue, chemical in metal cabinet

paint cabinet

Thanks for touring our shop.